Men grooming services:

-Shear Cut: (shears all over) $28.00 ( 20-25 mins *book time 30 mins)
-Shear Top: (clipper fade on sides, shears on top) $25.00 (20-25 mins *book time 30 mins)
-Even-steven/Buzz haircut: (no fading; #1 blade or lower against the grain, clipper line only) 20.00 (20-25 mins)
-Shear Cut Top & Style $30.00 (**35 mins)
-Specialty Cut: (Mohawk, tapered afro 4 inches+ or 2 months of hair growth) -25.00 (**30 mins)
-Kids Specialty Cut: $17.00 (ages 1-17; any Mohawk tapered afro 4 inches+ and shear cuts) (**30 mins)
-Kids cut: (ages 1-13) $15.00 (**20 mins)
-Kid’s Line Up (ages 1-13) $7.00 (**5-7 mins)
-High School Cut: (ages 14-18) $17.00 (25 mins *book time 30 minutes)
-High School Specialty (ages 14-18; any Mohawk, tapered afro 4 inches + and shear cuts; razor not included, razor hairline an additional $3 for high school cuts) $20.00 (**35 mins)
-Shape Up One: (Trimming of all loose ends. Razor hairline; shave or beard line-up with clippers only *neck taper on either shape up service is an additional $3.00 *Razor outline on the bottom of the beard is an additional $3.00. [$17.00-$23.00] (25 mins *book time 30 min)
-Shape Up Two: (Taper on sides and neck only!!! Not all around, Razor outline on bottom of the beard is an additional $3.00.) [$20.00-$26.00] (25-30 mins *book time 30 min)
Additional Services
-Neck clean up – free
-Uni-brow shave- free
– Wave or Curl Texturizer: $35.00 (for hair manageability, to retain natural curls with a softer, looser pattern.) (**10-20mins)
-Conditioning Treatment: $10.00-15.00 (**15 mins)
-Men coloring services: $20.00- $75.00 (everything from grey coverage, to highlights, to toners, and all over base color. Client must book service a week in advance and come in a week prior to color service for consultation unless otherwise advised by A.J.) (**60 mins [can double book other hair service while client is processing]
-Neck Taper and Style: $10.00 (**5 mins)
-Line Up: $10.00 (**5 mins)
-Kids Line Up: $7.00 (**5 mins)
-Men’s Facial Scrub: $10.00 (**15 mins)
-Eyebrow Arch/ Clean-up: $7.00 (**5 mins)
-Art Graphics: $10.00 and up (**5-10 mins)
-Shampoo only: $5.00 (**5 mins)
Shaves and Razor Work
-Traditional Hot Shave: $30.00 (razor shave with facial scrub & 4 hot towels) (**30 mins)
-Clipper Shave: $10.00 (face shave with clippers and electric shaver if applicable) (**5 mins)
-Full Beard and Goatee: $15.00 (razor outline included) (**7 mins)
-Mustache: $5.00 (**5 mins)
-Bald Head with Clippers: $15.00 (** 7 mins)
-Bald Head with Razor: $25.00 (includes 3 hot towels and scalp treatment) (**25 mins)
-Bald Head with Razor and Traditional Hot Lather Shave (face): $50.00 (**45 mins)
-Bald Head with Clippers and Traditional Hot Lather Shave: $40.00 (**35 mins)
-Bald Head with Razor and Clipper Shave: $30.00 (**30 mins)
-Bald Head with Clippers and Goatee/ Full Beard Outline: $25.00 (**30 mins)
-Bald Head with Razor and Goatee/ Full Beard Outline: $35.00 (**35 mins)

Packages (all package services include shampoo)
The Standard Look: (Set the standard amongst your peers with this beyond quality grooming service. Includes: Shampoo, Haircut, Razor Hair Line, and 1 Hot Towel Application. Haircut only NO face hair removal.) -$25.00 (haircut time 30 min) *Book time 45min

The Grandeur Look: (Receive grand celebration from everyone as this grooming service is sure to re-introduce you as a classic gentleman. Includes: Shampoo, Haircut, Razor Hair Line, Clipper shave or Beard Line, and 2 Hot Towel Applications *No razor on face.) -$30.00 (haircut time 35 min) *Book time 45 min

The Awe-inspiring Look: (Be a step above the rest, have the comparative advantage, and generate a positive response from all whom see you. Includes: Shampoo, Haircut, Hairline Outline w/Razor, Full Beard and Moustache Outlined w/ Razor, and 3 Hot Towel Applications.) -$35.00 (**haircut time 40 min and *Book time 45 mins)

The Premium Look: (Strike envy in the hearts of those whose haircuts just don’t measure up to yours, as you inspire others to embrace their inner King. Includes: Shampoo, Haircut, Hairline Outline with Razor, Full Beard Outline with Razor or Traditional Hot Lather Shave, Hair-Fiber Enhancement, Facial Scrub, and 4 Hot Towel Applications.) (haircut time 45 mins *book time 50 mins)

The Luxury Experience: (This indelible experience is a top male grooming service that is most luxurious; offering the complete experience for Kings to be paragons in any industry they serve in. Includes: Shampoo, Haircut, All Razor work, Hot oil beard treatment {promoting healthy, shiny, and soft beards}, In-grown hair removal, Conditioner Treatment, Full Hairline Enhancement {with professional color and hair fiber}, Steam Facial, Facial Scrub, Pore Cleansing Facemask, Skin Hydration Treatment, Eyebrow Clean Up, and 5 Hot Towel Application
-$50.00 (**60 mins **guest must be on time) (book time 1 hour)