One undeniable trend that’s complete taking over is platinum hair! And although it’s wildly popular, not a lot of people know how to ensure such a style that takes so much time, money, and effort to achieve. What most people don’t realize is that it’s more of an investment than an impulse. That’s why we wanted to give you 4 things you need to know about maintaining platinum hair so that your investment doesn’t take a turn for the worst!

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1.Use the right shampoo and conditioner.

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Make sure that you purchase a sulfate-free- color-safe shampoo. Sulfates damage hair color, turning it yellow instead of that pretty platinum color. Sulfate-free cleansers maintain the natural oils on the scalp and hair, which ultimately leaves your hair with more moisture. 


2. Use a protein mask.

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The platinum process can be hard on the strands and has a tendency to damage the hair cuticle. However, a protein mask will rebuild and strengthen these cuticles, repairing the damage that might have been caused. Be sure to perform a protein mask treatment about once every 2 weeks. Doing this will allow your hair to retain more of its water content, which can help to keep the strands moisturized and soft.

3. Use purple shampoo.

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Purple shampoo is an at-home toner that prevents the hair color from from turning yellow and brassy. The purple pigments of the shampoo help to keep those undertones under control. Use this shampoo once one a week to keep that platinum color crisp. You can tell a significant difference immediately after washing!

4. Keep up with your roots.

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“Banding” occurs when the hair begins to grow out and doesn’t match the rest of the hair that’s been colored. This results in a darker “band” appearing near the scalp. Now, some people actually prefer this style and even request to keep their roots darker to create this look. But if you aren’t one of those people, make sure to get a root touch-up every 4-6 weeks. Do not try to do your retouch on your own. We know that it’s tempting to YouTube a tutorial and save your coin, but we strongly suggest visiting a professional salon to have this done.

Platinum hair was somewhat of an overnight trend that took the beauty industry by storm, but many don’t realize just how much goes into achieving and maintaining a style like this without causing damage to the hair or compromising the style all-together. Kudos to you for taking the time to do your research!

Stay platinum and prosper, my friend!


Written by: Constance D. Gordon, Brav Salon manager