It’s a new year!! Yaaayyyy!!!

We always think of the biggest goals for the new year, which is awesome! But sometimes that can cause us to look over the simple, everyday goals that can make a big difference after a while.

Let me paint the picture for you, sis…

After waking up early and going to bed late every night for 6 months straight, working tirelessly to get that new online boutique off the ground (Yass Mama!), you may look up one day to find your hair dry, brittle, damaged… just straight up NEGLECTED and looking all types of foolish from all those weeks of messy buns, hats, and air-drying (which really only means that you haven’t detangled in months).

You finally make a salon appointment (because at this point, you need a miracle) and leave with a trendy pixie cut from having to cut off all of the damage that resulted as a byproduct of your busyness. Although you’re getting MAD compliments, you hate that the style was a last resort option instead of a choice.

So how do we prevent that from happening again this year? Because by the looks of your Vision Planner, your goals are even bigger and better than the ones before!

Don’t fret, Queen. We’ve got you and your strands covered. Your hair will be living it’s best life all year long no matter how busy you get with these 5 simple tips!

1. Drink more water

Did you know that you can moisturize your hair from the inside out?

Well you can! And you should!

Our hair and skin are the first to show the effects of what we put into our bodies. Not only is drinking water good for your hair, it’s also good for your health, especially energy levels and digestion which will help with those goal-crushing days and weight loss resolutions you’ve made!


2. Be consistent

Going to the salon once a month or even one a week is not enough.

You’ve got to create a daily routine for your hair if you want it to flourish to its full potential.

This may sound very involved and time-consuming, but it’s really not! 5 minutes of hair care every morning and night could mean the difference between a big chop and more length and volume that you could have ever imagined possible! The key to finding out with your perfect hair routine will be brings us to our next tip…


3. Learn what your hair likes

Finding this out can be as easy as asking your hairstylist what your specific hair type needs.

If you don’t already have a stylist, then find out what your hair porosity is. This will tell you everything you need to know about choosing products and hair tools and even how to best use them on your hair.  For example, some hair types require heat in order for the products to penetrate the hair shaft, while others may get damaged from using the same method. Really pay attention to what your hair responds best (and worst) to.


4. When you feel like being lazy…DON’T!

Trust me… I get it. Sometimes it’s soooo hard to “get ready for bed” when you’re already draped across it, dozing off to Netflix.

But as I said before, once you get a solid hair routine, it only takes a few minutes to do. You’re going push yourself all year long to make sure that you stay committed to all of your other goals, so be as committed to your crown as you are to those. Even if you have to keep your hair stuff in your nightstand, make it as easy as possible for yourself so that you won’t be tempted to slack off.


5. Invest in your hair 

I’m going to throw 2 very cliched, yet very true, quotes at you right now… ready?

“You get what you pay for” and “You will only get out of it, what you put into it”

Whether it’s time, money, a monthly salon visit, or watching tutorials on YouTube, don’t be afraid or unwilling to invest in your hair. Like it or not, your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you because…well… it’s on top of your head. It’s going to “say” something about you even if you aren’t speaking. Make sure that it’s a reflection of who you are inside and not a sign that your crown is last on your priority list.

What are your hair goals for this year? We want to know!!

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