It’s almost winter-time…. I can just feel the curls cringing!

As Curly Girls, we have to remember that different climates require different hair care routines because our strands have a tendency to absorb the atmospheres that’s around us. This is why many of us experience Heavenly curls in the spring and summer (moisture-rich climates) and dryness and breakage in the winter (moisture-depleting and dry climate).

Try some of these easy, stylish protective styles to safeguard your hair from the harsh winter weather this season!!

1. The Dutch Roll is one of the easy protective styles to do, plus it’s very elegant and professional! Perfect for one of those wash-and-go mornings!

2. The 2- strand twists are not only ADORABLE, but they are miraculous for keeping your hair protected and moisturized when it’s cold out!

3. Jumbo braids are super easy to do and cause less breakage because when it comes to apply tension to our strands, there’s strength in numbers. Watch this tutorial!

4. Head wraps are ALWAYS a good idea! Click here to shop some DOPE head wraps like this one!

5. The cool thing about these Twisted Double Buns is that you can make them last for a few days if you can manage to keep your hands out of your hair and sleep on satin (either a satin pillowcase or tie a satin hair wrap around your hairline at night.) There may be a little “restructuring” of the buns in the morning, but it’s pretty much a “do and done” type of style!

6. Now some people may be put off by the idea, but once you try it once, it’s addictive: WIGS!! It’s a great what to cover your strands (and to stay extra warm shhh…). Here’s a simple tutorial that requires no cornrows or glue! And it looks SO REAL!

7. These Jumbo Twisted Low Buns are definitely a go-to style to hold in your hair’s moisture and look cute while doing it!

8. I think it’s safe to say that the possibilities are endless with pigtails! Braided, twisted, smooth, loose, clean, messy, high, low, goddess, fish-bone, the list goes on!

9. Last but DEFINITELY not least… the infamous Top Knot! Slay, Taraji girl, SLAAAAY! Click here to see some celebrity top knots!


Written by: Constance D. Gordon, Brav Salon manager