We trim it… we treat it… we buy the best products money can buy….

But some still find themselves asking….

“Where the HECK do these split ends keep coming from?!”

Welp, we might have 13 possible answers for that!

1. Chemicals

Hair color, perms, relaxers- if used too often or in the wrong manner, they can dramatically reduce the health of your hair by causing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss. If you are not a hair professional, do not experiment or apply chemicals to your hair. Save your hair the damage and go to the salon! Make sure that the hair professional who is servicing you specializes first in hair health so that they can prevent and work to reverse any damage.

2. Dryness

Everyone, no matter what your hair type, needs to have a deep conditioning routine. When hair gets dry and brittle, it’s easier for breakage and split ends to occur. Make sure that all of your hair care products helps to lock in moisture and not strip your strands of its natural oil production.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Stress, illnesses, and menstrual cycles can all have an effect on hair breakage, loss, and growth. There are many practical ways to balance hormones, such as a healthy diet, use of essential oils, calm meditation, and taking vitamins. However, if you suspect a health issue, consult a doctor as soon as possible to make sure that your hair symptoms aren’t a sign of a greater health issue.

4. Using the wrong hair tools

Before buying and using just any hair brush or comb, it’s very important to make sure that it is the best one for your specific hair type. Check out one of our previous blogs on the choosing the right combs and brushes for your hair type!

5. Certain medications

It’s always wise to take note of possible side effects of using certain medications. If you are currently taking medication and notice a change in your hair’s health, ask your doctor if it could be a possible symptom of your medication or maybe even an indication of a separate health issue all-together.

6. Heat Damage

Using heat too much &/or too often can definitely cause some split ends and major breakage. Combat this by using a heat protectant, air-drying your hair, and wearing your hair’s natural texture between heat usage.

7. Using Dull Scissors

Blunt scissors have a tendency to tear through the hair strand’s fibers, damaging the cuticle, which creates split ends although it’s not immediately apparent. If you aren’t a hair professional, we suggest visiting the salon for a professional trim and haircut or making sure that you replace your hair scissors regularly.

8. Hair Accessories

Hair jewelry is SUPER cute and can make the simplest hairstyles look chic, stylish, and elegant. They’re ESPECIALLY adorable on little girls! But they have a tendency to get tangled in our strands and let’s be honest about the very low number of people who are willing to take the time and effort required to safely untangle our strands from our hair accessories. Most of us get impatient, frustrated, and end up just ripping it out. This might be okay for one night out, but if hair accessories are “your thing” this can really cause some split ends and thinning after some time. Be very careful applying and removing these accessories if you plan to stop breakage and split ends.

9. No Healthy Hair Routine

Most of us regularly wash, condition, and style our hair without much thought. But if you want to preserve your hair’s health and prevent split ends, then you’ll have to put some thought and maybe even a little research into what healthy hair routines and products your hair needs and response well to.

10. Environmental Damage

The elements- air, wind, rain- can be harsh on our strands depending on what season it is. It’s important to switch up your hair care routine with the seasons to account for the change in how your hair responds to the weather. Some seasons may require more deep conditioning, while others may require more cleansing, or even a different line of products.

11. Too Much Styling

It is possible to over-manipulate our strands to the point of split ends and breakage. Give your hair a break from constant styling every now and then.

12. Snagging

Sometimes the clothes that we wear have a tendency to snag our hair, causing split ends. Make sure to style your hair accordingly based on what you may be wearing to keep your hair from constant ripping and snagging throughout the day. Also, sleep on a satin pillow case and dry freshly washed hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a terry cloth towel, which often snags and frizzes hair as well.

13. Finger Twirling

Our hands naturally secrete an oil that happens to cause our hair to frizz, knot, and tangle when we touch it. So if you have a bad habit of twirling your hair around your fingers or running your hands through your hair, then you may be causing yourself some split ends.

We hope this helped to uncover your split end culprit!

And we wish you Happy Hair Health!!